Stallion Slo-Cum Spray 7/16 oz.


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Slo-cum spray for men is an effective agent for reducing the oversensitivity in the male penis. This oversensitivity often produces male orgasm too quickly, leaving both sex partners frustrated and unsatisfied.

Stallion Slo-Cum sprays unique formula ends frustration. A few pre-measured sprays on the head of the penis before intercourse numbs the glands, but allows the user to retain his erection. Intercourse can continue almost indefinitely.

Stallion Slo-Cum spray is pre-measured. Each spray application is limited by the spray mechanism. This enables the user to have more control over the amount of the application. Two or three sprays are adequate amounts for most users. Correct amount will be determined by individual, requirements, and practice.

DANGER:  Do NOT expose eyes or nostrils to Stallion Slo-Cum Spray.

Active ingredients:  SDA Ethyl Alcohol, Benzocaine powder, Propylene Glycol