Prisms Erotic Glass 3 pc Glass Anal Plug Kit

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The slick, temperature sensitive Prisms Erotic Glass Dosha 3 Piece Anal Plug Kit lets you work your way up with graduated sizes. Each plug features a tapered tip for easy insertion, and a flared base that will help keep it in place. The non-porous material is hypoallergenic and safe for those with sensitivities. Phthalate free and easily sterilized, it is compatible with all lubes and will not harbor bacteria. Heat it up or cool it off with a quick dip in hot or cold water. Treat yourself to erotic bliss.

Prisms Erotic Glass Dosha 3 Piece Anal Plug Measurements: small butt plug 4.5 inches in total length, 4 inches insertable, 1.15 inches in diameter. Medium butt plug 4.75 inches in total length, 4.5 inches insertable, 1.35 inches in diameter. Large butt plug 5.75 inches in total length, 5 inches insertable, 1.55 inches in diameter. Material: Borosilicate glass. Color: Clear.

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