Frederick’s of Hollywood Rechargeable Vibrating Kegal Balls w/ Remote Control- Purple


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These Vibrating Kegel Balls from Frederick’s of Hollywood are designed to to make those all important pelvic floor exercises an absolute breeze. We all know how important it is to do our Kegel exercises but we are all guilty of skipping them. These beautiful silicone balls are designed to slip easily inside you. The presence of the balls will cause your pelvic floor muscles to instantly contract to hold the balls in place. This means your muscles will automatically do the work without you even needing to think about it.

The thing that sets these balls apart from other Kegel Ball trainers is that they vibrate. Vibrations intensify the exercises. The vibrations are also extremely pleasurable. Which means they offer discreet fun as you work on your pelvic floor. With 7 vibrating functions you will easily find a pattern that works well for you. These USB rechargeable balls come with a remote control so you can easily flick through all 7 patterns.

Quality Silicone

Frederick’s of Hollywood Vibrating Kegel Balls are made from body-safe, high quality silicone. They are also whisper quiet, so can be worn out and about and around others and no one will know. It will be your very own exciting secret.

2 hours of charge will get you 1 hour of play time. These Vibrating balls are splash proof too. So enjoy using them in the shower if you feel like it.

The retrieval cord makes it easy to take the balls out. Remember when you have finished using them you should clean them with a quality toy cleaner so they are clean and ready for your next use and can be stored in the handy free satin storage bag that comes with this product.

So, enjoy using these Kegel balls and love the results they will give you!